2010 voting recommendations

Here’s my current thoughts on the 2010 election:


Patty Murray, I don’t agree with her on everything, but the alternative of Dino Rossi seems very undesirable. Not to mention that I think it’s important to do everything possible to ensure the Democrats at least keep control of the Senate.


I-1053 – Require 2/3 majority of legislature to approve tax increases, NO
Other states of have tried this and all it did was hamstring government. It allows a minority to stall action.

I-1082 – Allow private workers comp insurance, NO
Health insurance never should have been allowed to be a for profit business! This initiative will allow private insurance companies to come in, cherry pick the companies that they want to insure (read big businesses), and then leave the rest to fend for themselves. Big companies love it because it eliminates their co-pay on insurance premiums. As an employee, you’ll love it when the entire cost of your insurance is deducted from your paycheck!

I-1098 – State income tax, YES
Washington currently has one of the most regressive tax systems in the country. Let’s make it a little more fair by having an income tax! Most other states have one, and they have not imploded, or lost lots of population because of it. High income people who don’t like it can move to Alaska!

I-1100 – Privatize liquor sales, YES
Get the state of of the liquor business! Once again other states have private liquor stores, and they haven’t imploded with underage drinking or  alcoholism. Taxes and enforcement stay in place with this initiative. Plus revenue will be made up by new liquor stores paying taxes (vote for I-1098 to help offset revenue losses).

I-1105 – A different privatization of liquor initiative, NO
This initiative directly conflicts with some of I-1100, so approval of both will be a mess. This one also repeals some of the taxes, which will cause the state to lose even more money.

I-1107 – Repeal taxes on candy and bottled water, NO
Just think of this as another sin tax (do we really need bottled water and candy?) that funds education.  A yes vote on this and a yes on SR-52 (below) would be contradictory, as this would cut the funding for SR-52.

SR-52 – Allow issuing of bonds for school energy retrofits, YES
This measure allows the state to issue bonds for school energy retrofits that will pay for themselves with the energy savings.

Joint Resolution 8225 – Allow state to raise debt limit, YES
This allows the state to raise the debt limit by the amount that the state will receive from the federal government. It is kind of an accounting gimmick, but it would allow the state to borrow more money now, while interest rates are low for capitol improvement projects that will create more jobs. If the state waits, these projects will cost more, and people will not be put back to work as soon.

Joint Resolution 4220 – Allow denial of bail in cases of clear danger to society, YES
I’m torn on this one, as I don’t like the denial of citizens their basic rights, but in cases where there is a clear danger to society, I think there should be a way to limit the danger.

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