Seems like a bug in the new Sanyo Zios?!

We’ll we finally changed our phone service to Credo. Goodbye AT&T!  However, I think there is a bug with the Sanyo Zios (and Android 2.2 phone).

When adding contacts to my contact list they don’t always show up! They are in the phone because I can see them in my listed in my contact log, i.e. the name I put in shows up in the log, but it does not show up in my list. At this point Credo wants to back up all my stuff and reset the phone, I REALLY don’t think that will help. This seems to be a bug!

I had this problem when I first got the phone, and Credo had me turn on the sync feature with Gmail, which I had turned off. This worked at the time, but I find it to be very annoying that I had to allow the sync. I TOTALLY dislike the fact the gmail syncs itself with my phone. The phone s/b an independent device that DOES NOT NEED Gmail to function. As far as I’m concerned this is a bug not a feature. Maybe they will fix this? (doubtful!)  I also dislike having to have a gmail account to access the marketplace. How much of my information do I really want to share with Google – not that much!

I’ll post updates as I find out more about this problem.

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