Since some of the jobs I’ve been applying for have asked for a portfolio here’s stuff I’ve recently worked on – with some of my comments:

  • Divine Mother Project – This site I really like, and I think is one of the best designed sites I’ve worked on. Unfortunately the originator of the project did not anticipate the full scope project and still owes me some money around this. I want to continue working on this, as it is missing some critical components (such as a shopping cart!). A lot of time was spent on dealing with the graphics.
  • Progressive Party of Washington – A site I do some pro-bono work on, as I’m the treasurer.
  • Not A Number Cards & Gifts – The site really needs a redesign, but has great search engine rankings, showing that content not design is the most important factor in SEO.
  • Lake Union Naturopathic – A clean/simple site for a local naturopath.
  • Amer & Young, PLLC – Website for a small local law firm, which I also do system admin for.

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