New SEO work

Due to my success in getting high rankings for a small card and gift store and LED online reseller, I’m now working on raising the rankings for an author who does author and illustrator visits and a manufacturer of rechargeable LED flashlights. Once I get the rankings for those two up there, I have a better portfolio for getting other SEO work.

I’d also like to raise the rankings for this blog for the terms six and “number six”. No real reason except to see if I can. Not that that many people search for the term six by itself, and those who search for number six are most likely either Prisoner or Battlestar Gallactica fans. Of course, the most searched on term involving the number six is six flags.

A couple of other sites I’ve worked on, which I’d love to get raised in rankings is a friend whose company does events and concert promotions, and another author, who does book signings. Although neither of them will ever get much higher rankings without adding some content (ahem, Rita, Carl are you reading?). There is only so much I can do to optimize a site for high rankings. A lot of the rankings game is based on incoming links, and without content to attract such links a site won’t achieve higher rankings.  So I encourage each and every person out there who is attempting to get higher search engine rankings, write something, anything, even if it is drivel like the above. Hey, most of Twitter is drivel, yet people still read it. Of course, the more interesting the drivel is, the more likely people will link to it.

I am available to help you optimize your site for higher search engine rankings, and my rates are reasonable with discounts for non-profits. You can learn more about me on linkedin, or drop by my store most anytime, as I’m usually there during the work week.

Humans can stop reading here (or continue if you just have time to kill), as the following is just to hammer home the search terms that I used above to the search engines.

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