The truth about some of the marketing things you see online

This post will probably piss off a number of online marketers, to which I say, so what! There will still be plenty of people who will try this sort of thing.  I want to attempt four things with this post

  • Educate people on how some of these promotions make their money
  • See if any of the products advertised actually show up
  • See if I actually get any of the money sent actually comes to me
  • See if being honest on how these work brings in a better response rate than the typical response.

Here’s the deal, I, like many people, am struggling to make ends meet, and I’m willing to try things that don’t cost much money to make make more money. So at some point I joined one of these affiliate/make more money etc. websites that float all over the Internet.  Some of them are more honest than others. The website I joined allowed me to download the following program, which generates a very nice looking offer page for a product that I never have to stock. Supposedly all the money that is sent in for this offer will come straight to me (my struggling store actually). Feel free to download the program and create your own offer page that looks exactly like the one I have up except for the link to explain what is going on.

Let me be very clear, NONE of the stuff described in the offer happened to me.  Hopefully, there is a real Sara Brown who had these experiences. The whole thing is just a made up.  After I generated the page, I decided that I could not in good conscience post it without some kind of explanation such as this.  After generating the offer page, I wondered how, if I get all the money sent in, how does the marketer who is supposedly supplying this wonderful book make any money. Then it struck me, of course the book that you get is just going to be a sales pitch for the full system, not to mention your email is then on their list for future opportunities to send you spam.

So here’s the straight pitch – please consider this offer a donation to support a small, leftist, political gift shop that is struggling (as are many people) with the current economic conditions. If you do donate, and you do get the promised materials, please let me know, I’d be curious as to what they say. And if the materials do indeed work, please consider donating more! The typical response rate for this kind of offer is less than 1%, please consider donating just to show that honesty gets a better response rate!


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